Caja de música melodías a seis desde 1880 a 1900.

Objeto vendido

Music box playing six tunes on an iron comb with forty-four teeth on a cylinder of twelve centimeters (4-3/4 in.). Functioning mechanism, a cleaning is needed for a better sonority. This music box is contained in a case of darkened wood and painted in artificial wood, nomenclature for six tunes in cardboard.
List of six tunes:
1-Les cloches de Corneville
2-François les bas bleus
3-Tout à la joie
4-Le grand Mogol
5-Les mousquetaires au convent
6-La Mascotte.

Circa 1880-1900.

Height: 13 cm (5 in.) - Length: 36 cm (14 in.) - Width: 19 cm (7-1/2 in.).

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