Collar de perlas del Mar del Sur de dos filas, broche de diamantes

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Two-strand South Sea cultured pearl necklace. White gold clasp pave-set with brilliant-cut and single-cut diamonds in prong setting, and depicting a flower with at the back a large flat hook.

Modern work circa 1960.

First-strand pearl diameters : from 9.2 to 12.9mm. Length : 37cm (14-3/5in) (clasp not included).
Second-strand pearl diameters : from 9.7 to 13mm. length : 40cm (15-3/4in) (clasp not included).

Choker length : 40cm (5-3/4in) (clasp included).

Total diamond weight : approx. 1.60ct.

Gross weight : 140.8g (5oz).

Cultured pearl indicative quality : AA to A+

  • Piezas:  1
  • Referencia Expertissim : 2014100512
  • Material: 
    • Collar Diamante
    • Collar Perlas Cultivadas