Cuatro estatuillas de marfil. Japón, a principios del siglo XX

Objeto vendido

Ensemble of four ivory and yellow patina statuettes representing; Hotei lying next to a young woman and rodents, a young woman sitting in a rickshaw being pulled by a young man and two small characters.
Signed underneath the Hotei in a red lacquered cartouche.

Japan, Early 20th Century

Hotei height : 8 cm (3.1 in) - Width : 15,5 cm (6.1 in).
Rickshaw height : 6,3 cm (2.4 in)
Characters’ height : 3,5 (1.3 in) and 3,2 cm (1.2 in)

Accidents and losses on the rickshaw

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  • Referencia Expertissim : 2014040995