Fan and its lacquer box. Guangzhou, Second Half-19th Century

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Fan with paper sheets gouache-painted on recto-verso with numerous figures with ivory heads and silk clothing, depicting a palace scene. Filigree gilt-silver mounting with enameled flowered scrollwork decoration.

China, Guangzhou (Canton), Second Half-19th Century

Within black and gilt-lacquered box, bearing Duvelleroy label on interior

Dimensions of spread fan:
Height: 26 cm (10-1/4 in.) - Width: 50 cm (19-2/3 in.)

Dimensions of box:
Height: 5 cm (2 in.) - Width: 32 cm (12-1/2 in.) - Depth: 6 cm (2-1/3 in.)

Informe de condición : Accidents and losses

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