Jacques Duval Brasseur. Lámpara de pie escultórico en bronce y metacrilato de 1979

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Jacques DUVAL BRASSEUR (20th Century)

Sculptural brass and altuglas floor lamp, 1979

Imposing sculptural gilt brass and altuglas floor lamp. Base designed with molded brass disk from which a thick altuglas cylinder rises and supports a top with three light sources. Gilt brass serpentine ramp around a central structure joining the floor lamp’s base and top. Cylindrical shade composed of multiple metal strips of different heights, cut-out and assembled to one another by soldering

Signature “JDBRASSEUR 79” on base for Jean Duval Brasseur and dated 1979

Dimensions: 182 x 46 cm (6 x 1-1/2 ft.).

Jacques Duval Brasseur

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