Must de Cartier. Modelo de reloj Tank

Objeto vendido

Must de CARTIER, Paris. Tank model

Unisex silver-gilt wristband watch. Rectangular blank dial with three tone stripes. Mechanical movement. Worn leather strap and gilt metal pin buckle.
Signed and numbered: 3 204602.

Case dimensions : approx. 28 x 20 mm (1-1/10 x 3/4 in.)

Gross weight: 21,2 gr. (3/4 oz.)

Minor gilt wear. In working order but working condition not guaranteed.

  • Piezas:  1
  • Referencia Expertissim : 2014020945
  • Observación  : Please note that timekeeping accuracy has not been verified and Expertissim can not be held liable for any repair costs.