Par de cuencos de porcelana de Sevres Oficinas de Atención al Castillo de Dreux, 1847

Objeto vendido

Pair of soup plates, Sèvres porcelain, Service des Officiers for Dreux Château, 1847.

White porcelain with central decoration of King Louis Philippe’s grand initials in blue.

Marked: château de Dreux (in red), Sèvres 1847 (in blue and green).

Mould marks.

Diameter: 24 cm (9-1/2 in.).

In 1830, the Duke of Orleans becomes King of the French after the Three Glorious Revolution that led Charles X to abdicate.
The King had 9 children and he moved with his family in the former royal and imperial residences such as Trianon, Tuileries, Saint-Cloud, or Fontainebleau and its private residences including Neuilly, Eu, Dreux, or Bizy .
Louis-Philippe removed the large service and established four types of Sèvres porcelain pattern in which wealth determines the recipient: Offices, Officers, Bals and Princes. Pieces from these services adapted the serving objects from Sèvres during the early 19th century.

Due to the numerous personnel in the royal castles, King Phillipe commissioned them a pattern from Sèvres Manufacture. The “Service des Offices” pieces are in white porcelain and are distinguished simply with the King’s initials “LP” with red crown for the Parisian and neighboring residences and in blue for other locales such as Dreux.

Bibliography :
-Barbe, G., Le service du Roi Louis-Philippe au Château de Fontainebleau, Atelier Graphique de Saint-Jean, Albi, 1989.

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