Pareja de candeleros en el estilo de Meissen. Del siglo XIX.

Objeto vendido

Germany, in the vein of Meissen. 19th Century.

Pair of candlesticks designed as a companion pieces on a Rococo Style embankment. One representing a standing, young lady carrying flowers in her apron and leaning against a tree trunk; the other a standing, young man, with eggs in his hat held by his right hand and in his left hand: a rose. He is leaning against a tree. Handles designed as a branch.
The candlestick is designed as a blue and pink foliated corolla. Natural, polychrome decor. Painted and gilded fillets on the base and borders.

Slight loss on the Rococco base. Small losses on the foliage.

Bearing a mark of two, crossed swords.

Height: 17,5 cm (6-3/4 in.).

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