René Hérault. Parisinos discurso a la Reina, en el nacimiento del delfín, 1729

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René HERAULT. 1691-1740. Police Lieutenant-general (1725-1739).

Manuscript. Harangue des Parisiens à la Reine, sur la naissance du Dauphin (Speech for Parisians about Queen’s birth of Dauphin prince). 1729. 4 pp. bi-folded in-4 quarto.

Copy of French text by police lieutenant René Hérault written during the birth of the Dauphin prince, Mgr of Burgundy, published as a poster in Paris (Those among subjects so desired [...] has finally arrived, the happy birth of your Majesty. [...] Everything, Madame, glorious and benefiting from the birth of this Prince, there God triumphed with justice & goodness [...]).

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