Tres cajas de plata, siglo decimonoveno Irán

Objeto vendido

Three small, silver boxes. Iran, 19th Century.

Round-shaped box, with flared base, domed lid formerly topped with bird (accident), engraved with floral motifs.
Height: 6 cm (2-1/4 in.) - Diameter: 6 cm (2-1/4 in.).

Almond-shaped box, partly enameled, with decor of a bust within a medallion surrounded with fish and foliage scrollwork.
Height: 1 cm (1/4 in.) - Length: 7 cm (2-3/4 in.).

Rectangular, enameled case ornated with stylized flowers and foliages.

Height: 4,5 cm (1-3/4 in.) - Length: 5,5 cm (2 in.).

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  • Referencia Expertissim : 2010100081