Una caja de cigarrillo y plata compacto. Italian job

Objeto vendido

800°/oo silver cigarette case and powder compact chiselled with foliage scrolls. The compact thumpiece set with a stone imtating coral.

Italian work of the second half of the 20th century.
Mark of F. LLi Fossi S.d.F in Florence (active between 1952-1971)

Length : 7.5cm (3in). Width : 9.5cm (3-3/4in).
Length : 7cm (2-3/4in). Width : 7cm (2-3/4in)

Total gross weight : approx. 161.1g (5oz 4dwt)
Cigarette case weight : approx. 74.2g (2oz 4dwt).
Compact weight : approx. 86.9g (2oz 16dwt)

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  • Referencia Expertissim : 2015021682